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Red face What happened to all the Pac fans on here? They have fled en masse LOLLL

This place used to be chock-full of Pacquiao fans claiming he was the best boxer since sliced bread (who incidentally was a very good boxer).

But what happened? They are literally nowhere to be seen.

I have a an irrefutable, watertight, three-pronged theory.

1) They are not true boxing fans. They are brainswashed believers in the cult of personality that Pacquiao has.

2) They are embarrassed after Pacquiao was pwned by Bradley who outboxed him over twelve rounds, peppering him with crisp body shots and delightful combinations.

3) They are simply embarrassed at their man's blatant ducking of Money May. They know that he would be in for a humiliating trouncing in front of a global audience of millions.

What is your theory?
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