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Default Re: What happened to all the Pac fans on here? They have fled en masse LOLLL

Originally Posted by oibighead View Post
They're about because they support more than just 1 fighter

Otherwise you would only see them once a year.

Anyway since the pactards packed up and left, there has been much less trolling about Floyd/Manny.

Only the occasional pactard alt pretending to be a flomo.

i wouldnt class that person as a flomo then.

Manny has a handlefull of pactards that only support Manny. And Floyd has the same as well.

If floyd is yyour favourite but you also appreciate all boxing, then your a boxing fan.

But you must admit. There are a few flomo trolls as well.

Like the guy who made this thread and scored bradley Pac. 8-4 to bradley.
That is a flomo troll at its finest.
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