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Default Re: British boxer jailed for 7 years for manslaughter

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler View Post
What's annoying is that other instances of manslaughter end up with the perpetrator getting little more than a slap on the wrist, when in all honesty they ought to be up on a murder charge.

Given that the lad was involved in two incidents he's perhaps fortunate that he wasn't up on one himself.

What REALLY ****es me off is when people who cause death by dangerous driving or death due to driving whilst drunk/drugged get next to nothing. Drink drive killers should be executed. There's absolutely no excuse for driving whilst ****ed. None.
Agree with this completely drink/dangerous driving deaths are given way too lenient sentences.
Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler View Post
The weekend after I had my eyes done I was stood in front of a table in Yates, turned round to pick up my drink and accidentally knocked another lad's drink (which was nearly empty) over. Started carrying on so I pulled a fiver out of my pocket and told him to get himself another, and headed for a ****.
What the **** were you doing in that **** hole not expecting to get in a ruck. The only place I've seen a guy beat up a bird in a bar/pub. My mate bounced at the one opposite morrisons for one night and saw more fights in 4hours there than he did in two years at a bar on call lane.
Originally Posted by onourway View Post
He's a ****.

Deserved 7 years.

He had previous for decking people on a night out.

He hit this lad and it was over, then they came together again near a Subway and he went over and decked him again. Scum.
If true then you've got to think he deserved 7 years. Obviously he never meant to kill the lad but if you as a person who trains in punching people go over and **** someone unnecessarily then you're putting them in serious danger.
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