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Default Re: Razor Ruddock vs Rid**** Bowe + question

Originally Posted by salty trunks View Post
To answer both of your comments, I was in the gym with Jackson down in Miami. Noone felt he had a chance. He simply wasnt that good, in the gym either. You guys both know undefeated doesnt mean jack. Its when you start stepping up in class do you prove your worth, and Jackson was not very good but aligned tightly with Don King. You only have to look at his pitiful record up to the Ruddock fight and after to see proof of that. Anyone with a pulse and winning record easily beat him.
Grasping for the point. We all know Jackson wasn't a world beater and we can say the same thing for many top 10 fighters over the years. But the issue is did Ruddock's performance against Jackson suggest he was a shot ruined fighter? He did what a top 4 Heavyweight in the world is suppose to do the type of fighter you are describing. If Ruddock struggled with Jackson, than we can talk and toss around words like "ruined" and "shot".

Most importantly, can you name a better winning Ruddock performance from the 90s?
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