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Default Re: British boxer jailed for 7 years for manslaughter

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler View Post
I've only ever had a couple of rumbles on a night out.... and I've been in Leeds city centre on average probably twice/three times a month for the past ten years.

There's a few golden rules - always apologise if you bump into someone. If someone bumps into you on purpose just walk away. If someone starts on you try and reason with them.

The weekend after I had my eyes done I was stood in front of a table in Yates, turned round to pick up my drink and accidentally knocked another lad's drink (which was nearly empty) over. Started carrying on so I pulled a fiver out of my pocket and told him to get himself another, and headed for a ****.

Came back and the lad had bought himself one but still wanted a row. Given that I was in no fit state to fight anyone (or wanted to) I tried to explain that I'd recently had an op, the next thing I knew I'd nearly been blown over by the wind created by a HUGE right hook that missed by about ten feet.

Bouncers came over, and it was

Other times there's been arguments in takeaways and ****, which can usually be resolved by a bit of banter, or ''we've all had a good night, let's not spoil it by getting nicked''. Usually people will agree, other times it's ''**** off you flash ****, who the **** do you think you are''.... even though I'm not at all flash, just prefer to go home in peace
I agree.

If you have found yourself ending up in anymore than 5 street fights or bust ups on a nnight out over the past number of years, Ive got news for you, your the problem...

Im 26 and in my life, Ive been involved in 2 fights(outside of sporting occasions). 1 as a kid and 1 as an adult. The one as an adult wasnt even a proper fight just handbags ****, with a few punches thrown here or there...

Id rather go home in 1 piece or without getting nicked or without my night being ruined.
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