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Default Re: Razor Ruddock vs Rid**** Bowe + question

Originally Posted by The Mongoose View Post
-So what exactly are you saying? If not for Tyson, Ruddock would have walked through Lewis. Doubtful, not with that disgraceful defense and already suspectible chin. Remember supposively prime Ruddock got dropped and put into several hairy situations against a washed up Bonecrusher because couldn't get out of the way of those slow clubs.

-Ok, everyone is overrated.

No Im not saying that, all Im saying is that sometimes hindsight tells the true tale. Ruddock was never that great, but he was better than he showed against both Lewis and Morrison, specifically against Tyson where he took a lot of hard punishment and was able to get up from big shots. Ruddock's mental toughness was pretty good in those Tyson fights. I think that was mostly the difference in Ruddock.

Lewis was overated after the Ruddock win, that was proven. Maybe Ruddocks decline was part of overating Lewis? A tougher Ruddock could have easily tagged Lewis with a big shot like Mcall was able to.

Tyson was overated when he faced Holyfield, that was proven.
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