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Default Re: Razor Ruddock vs Rid**** Bowe + question

Originally Posted by salty trunks View Post
You sure can compare them because Morrison was the next step down from Lewis and Ruddock couldnt get past him so he was clearly declining further.

Mcall was not better equipped to beat Lewis, thats just . Same goes for Lewis being better equipped to take out Ruddock. Thats a worse theory than what Im proposing as my timeline at least shows clear decline in both wins/losses and opponents. Mcall and Lewis didnt show a special ability of taking out tall guys. Both Ruddock and Lewis were caught by big shots, at least Lewis had his eyes open when he nailed Ruddock. Ruddock was hit just as hard by Tyson, but he had better legs underneath him when he faced Tyson. Ruddock showed the same kind of problems against Morrison, he got up but his legs were gone. Ruddock was still a rated fighter, but his ability to stay in the mix started to decline quickly after the Tyson fights.
-Sorry but three years of health problems and inactivity is cause to seperate the soft old looking Ruddock of the Morrison fight from the Lewis bout.

- all you want. McCall was more durable pressure fighter than Ruddock and he had a hard right hand that Steward programmed him to throw. That is going to work better against Lewis than a shaky chin fighter with no defense, aimlessly jumping around with his chin out, looking for his RAZOR UPPERCUT against a taller man!

-I've ****yzed the stylistic advantages Lewis had over Tyson in a Ruddock match to death.

-Again, i see the only evidence of a Ruddock decline is that Lewis knocked him out. Well, Lennox Lewis right hands tend to do that. I suppose a mentally tougher Ruddock could somehow will his way thorugh that onslaught? Keep dreaming.

The fact of the matter is Tyson is a ****ing midget, always had problems with clinches, and wasn't at his sharpest to begin with. Ruddock could bear hug and wrestle Mike to find his legs when ever he got dropped or hurt. Lewis was too strong and big for that ****, he just pushed Ruddock off when he tried to hold and finished him. If Ruddock wasn't smothering him with his body weight, Tyson would have probably also had a 2nd round TKO over Ruddock. The fact that Ruddock got up from that monster first right cross, tells me had as much in the tank as he did against Tyson. And I'm sure if Lewis was 5'9" and only 220, Ruddock wouldn't have had in trouble smothering his way out of the early rounds.

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