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Default 'Why I Took A Dive' by Sonny Liston

In the first fight with Cassius Clay.

I really wanted to get out of boxing. All my mobster friends were either dying or going to prison,
and I really didn't have many friends left.

I was tired of it all. I was getting old. I had told everybody I was born in May 1932, but truthfully,
I was born in March 1927.

When I was to fight Clay in Febrauary 1964, I was really just a month shy of 37. I was tired of it all,
and I didn't want to play the boxing game anymore.

As for my personal life, I was living hard, by boozing it up (J & B Scotch), and I really wasn't taking
care of myself. My Manager Jack Nilon, and his brother Robert (my personal advisor) had enough of
my bad behavior, and they really wanted to get out of the boxing game. I was costing them a ton of
money, and they wanted to 'cash in'.

They came to me with this 'deal' with Cassius Clay, and it sounded good. Everybody would make alot
of money, and even more in the 'rematch'.

At first, I said that nobody would believe this, can we really pull it off. But Jack told me, that William Faversham
(Cassius Clay's Management Team President) had it all worked out, to the 'finest' detail. He even had
the Miami Boxing Commission people in line and in agreement.
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