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Default Re: The mistake that Khan made

Originally Posted by Badbot View Post
He threw the uppercut and it left him open. He also was in a bad position to throw it so it was a terrible idea but today in training it got me thinking.
In my first session i was taught to tuck my chin behind my shoulder no matter what. Now i always do it.
I was practicing my uppercut and i noticed that i tuck my chin behind my shoulder and lean my head. Is it wrong ? How many actually do this ?
I have only been hit on the chin a few times to be honest. I use my shoulders a lot. Even when i was stopped in an amateur match i didīnt take a clean shot to the chin. Or the ear for that matter.
(glass forehead ).
So what is the proper way to defend yourself when throwing an uppercut ?
I agree, terrible mistake seeing as he had a weak chin. Why's this in the Vbookie thread anyways?
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