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Default Re: 'Why I Took A Dive' by Sonny Liston

Yes, the plan was simple, throw the fight, and my life would be turned upside down
for a year or so. But, in the long run, it would be better for all of the parties involved.

William Faversham told Jack and Robert Nilon that he could have all my legal problems
corrected, if I played ball. Mr. Faversham was a smart businessman, and he had the
connections, so I did believe him. He gave the Nilon's his word, that I would be well
taken care of, but that I had to keep my mouth shut after the 1st fight.

If I did, the rematch would net me over $1,000,000 - and I could retire a wealthy man.
What I had to do was, act like I was getting in shape, but also act like Cassius
was nothing to worry about. In other words, act like I wasn't taking Clay that serious,
like most of the boxing people down in Miami Beach.
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