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Default Re: Big Daddy's Boxing Log - The making of a legend.

Been off for two months from Boxing. Had some running, but no boxing.

Tonight I went back and the gym was 100 degrees or more. Felt overwhelmed at times but kept pushing.

Great workout.

By the time I got on the pads I was exhausted. I always want to do them first so I don't look like a jackass, but it never works that way.

Chick at the gym was wearing an extremely low cut top with ****age everywhere, especially while doing the MMA drills on the ground. VERY distracting...never seen anyone dress ***y for boxing before...whatever.

I'm tired of being a fatass. I miss being slimmer and in shape.

Times now I have to drop of the exercise because I don't have the core strength to support 300lbs in a plank for 3 mins...

Diets, nutrition and exercise don't help. I think I need to see a bariatric doctor because there is something amiss physiologically. Maybe something in my diet that makes me hold the weight?

As much as I exercise and diet its amazing that I don't lose weight when people who do half as much as me are able to lose.
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