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Default Re: Big Daddy's Boxing Log - The making of a legend.

Been off for two months from Boxing. Had some running, but no boxing.

Tonight I went back and the gym was 100 degrees or more. Felt overwhelmed at times but kept pushing.

Great workout.

By the time I got on the pads I was exhausted. I always want to do them first so I don't look like a jackass, but it never works that way.

Chick at the gym was wearing an extremely low cut top with boobage everywhere, especially while doing the MMA drills on the ground. VERY distracting...never seen anyone dress ***y for boxing before...whatever.

I'm tired of being a fatass. I miss being slimmer and in shape.

Times now I have to drop of the exercise because I don't have the core strength to support 300lbs in a plank for 3 mins...

Diets, nutrition and exercise don't help. I think I need to see a bariatric doctor because there is something amiss physiologically. Maybe something in my diet that makes me hold the weight?

As much as I exercise and diet its amazing that I don't lose weight when people who do half as much as me are able to lose.
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