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Default Re: The mistake that Khan made

Originally Posted by Badbot View Post
He threw the uppercut and it left him open. He also was in a bad position to throw it so it was a terrible idea but today in training it got me thinking.
In my first session i was taught to tuck my chin behind my shoulder no matter what. Now i always do it.
I was practicing my uppercut and i noticed that i tuck my chin behind my shoulder and lean my head. Is it wrong ? How many actually do this ?
I have only been hit on the chin a few times to be honest. I use my shoulders a lot. Even when i was stopped in an amateur match i didīnt take a clean shot to the chin. Or the ear for that matter.
(glass forehead ).
So what is the proper way to defend yourself when throwing an uppercut ?
For starters don't get baited into throwing an uppercut. Dani has this move he does where he lowers his head as to make his forehead face the ground to protect himself and draw the upper. This motion allows him to shift the weight onto his lead foot to generate leverage and power for his upcoming counter hook.

Guys like Amir and even Tijuana, yes he got caught the same way, thought the upper was the appropriate punch to throw in this situation then got put on they AZZes by Dani's left hook.

Trying to throw the rear uppercut from such a far distance is a no no. I don't know why they did it, but it can't be denied that both of them are trigger happy and have this inherent recklessness to them. It's free to learn from their mistakes, you could get charged a price you can't pay if it's your own mistake.

Then it's also like you mentioned. They didn't bother to tuck their chins, especially Amir his form was real sloppy.
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