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Default Re: How would Jack Dempsey do against Sonny Listons opposition?

Originally Posted by Legend X View Post
He didn't look too hot in his fight before Cooper either (v. Jones). He was put down because he just open to left hooks.

A prime Dempsey was a lot quicker than Liston , imo.

Dempsey had a jab but he didn't use it like Liston used his. Both jabs and hooks are hard to avoid. A well-delivered left hook you won't even see coming.
Ali was in a way open to left hooks because of low hands but no more so than Gene Tunney. Both used footwork and the right hand to control left hookers. Past his best against Frazier the left hook wasn't really an issue for the first 7 rounds until he gassed, the left hook wasn't really an issue in the Cooper rematch either and Liston had an excellent left hook of his own ofcourse

You seem to conveniently ignore the lackadaisical approach to the Cooper fight, the rematch shows Ali when focused deals with Cooper easily as he was for much of their first fight. The fight with Doug Jones was competitive but Jones was a top technician. You're picking holes in wins at the end of the day, which I suppose shows weaknesses but if anything 'Prime Dempsey' shows many more weaknesses

The fight we're talking about anyway is against Liston a man many at the time thought was the best of all time. That performance was a great one and Clay rose to the occasion

Dempsey threw a grand total of something like 2 jabs on film, no he didn't use it like Liston did he. I'd say never throwing a jab amounts to not having a jab. I'm also not sure where this myth of Dempsey having great handspeed comes from, he isn't that quick, I think it must be from fighting someone as slow as Willard and Firpo.

You won't see a left hook coming? If you box it's the easiest punch to see coming because of the wider arc travelled, you can also see them moving to their left to set it up which makes them open to the counter right on the way in if they don't jab their way in. Leading with the left hook while dispensing with the jab is fundamentally bad boxing form unless you're much quicker than your opponent. Dempsey also never mastered cutting off the ring against a man who circles him
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