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Default Re: Ho-w would Jack Dempsey do against Sonny Listons opposition?

Originally Posted by Legend X View Post
Tunney didn't face a prime Dempsey. He may well have been nailed very quick by a devastating left hook from a prime Dempsey.
Dempsey took 17 rounds to catch Tunney when they did fight. If it was prime v prime, this may have been achieved in 3 or 4 rounds, since Dempsey's foot speed had diminished considerably.
This is a very big shout and i'm not convinced myself.

Demspey was extremely good at what he did. Tunney was extremely good at what he did. Tunney was also brilliant when Dempsey did eventually catch him in those moments right afterewards. In a ten round fight i'm not convinced that Dempsey should be heavily favoured against Gene Tunney prime-for-prime, though i agree it would be a very different fight.

Would have to be. Tunney totally dominated Dempsey.
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