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Default Re: 'Why I Took A Dive' by Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
No, everything makes sense.

Look at the overall,

They wanted the fight in Miami Beach to be questioned, so it would lead to the
'rematch' which it did.

A) Did Sonny tank it - I think he did.
B) Did Sonny hurt his shoulder- I think Liston went into the fight with a bum shoulder.
C) Did Sonny turn over, so the mob could make a 'killing' on the odds- He took a dive. I'm not sure of the motive.
D) Was Cassius Clay that good - No
E) What about the Black Muslims - They didn't enter the equation until after the first fight.
F) What about the NAACP
G) What about the 'linimiment'- Fake story.
H) How the hell does a guy who has a life-and-death battle with Doug Jones beat Sonny Liston- He doesn'r beat Liston in a legit fight.
I) How does this guy, who nearly gets knocked out by Henry Cooper, withstand Sonny Liston- He doesn't

There was enough ammunition, so that there was a Senate Investigation.
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