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Default Re: Ho-w would Jack Dempsey do against Sonny Listons opposition?

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
This is a very big shout and i'm not convinced myself.

Demspey was extremely good at what he did. Tunney was extremely good at what he did. Tunney was also brilliant when Dempsey did eventually catch him in those moments right afterewards. In a ten round fight i'm not convinced that Dempsey should be heavily favoured against Gene Tunney prime-for-prime, though i agree it would be a very different fight.

Would have to be. Tunney totally dominated Dempsey.

I'm not 100% convinced either. I totally respect Tunney's chances. But Dempsey could well have caught him sooner - and more often.
Dempsey in his prime is a far cry from Dempsey of 1927, imo.
And Dempsey of 1927 did have Tunney in serious trouble.

I didn't bring Tunney up.
He shouldn't really be brought up regarding any hypothetical match-up of a 'prime Dempsey', imo.
Or at least brought up only with qualifiers.
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