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Default Re: 'Why I Took A Dive' by Sonny Liston

Dr. Alexander Robbins (Miami Boxing Commission Chief Physician)

The 'good' Doctor took '12' X-Rays of Sonny's left shoulder.

It was determined that there were multiple tears in the muscle, torn tendons
and progressive bursitis had been an ongoing ailment.

Later, Edward Lassman (Miami Boxing Commission) stated that the injury was so severe,
that there was no possible way for Sonny to throw a decent left hand. It was later revealed,
that Sonny had developed this problem in 1963, that is why he limited his sparring sessions
to a minimum.

Florida District Attorney, Richard Gersein wanted to know why this injury was not revealed
before the fight, and why was it not discovered during the pre-fight examination. According
to the District Attorney, Sonny Liston withheld the information concerning his injury.

Scott Hampton, a journalist for the Miami-Herald, later asked Jack Nilon (Sonny Liston's Manager)
"Why didn't you just postpone the bout, until Sonny's shoulder healed". Hampton was abruptly told, "Listen kid,
we needed the fight purse money now, not in 6-month's. And I don't know if Sonny's shoulder will ever heal".

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