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Default Re: 'Why I Took A Dive' by Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by TheGreatA View Post
This makes no sense. If he was fighting and defending himself, then he wasn't tanking it. He only tanked it after having his face busted up and having thrown everything he had at Clay to no avail.
Of course it makes sense.
If Sonny Liston has arranged/intends to lose a fight in round 6 or 7, he's not going to allow himself to be overwhelmed in round 3 is he ?
That's simple enough.

Therefore there is no case of the fight being a fix and a pre-arranged affair, but simply Liston having had enough against a better opponent. There has been no concrete proof whatsoever towards the fight being a fix and plenty to suggest that it was legitimate. At that stage you have to admit that the case isn't very strong or that there isn't a case at all.

It's one of many suspicious fights that have the fix rumour surrounding them but no solid proof. Some are more compelling cases than others.
I think it sits somewhere in the middle of the pile in that regard.

LaMotta-Fox was a fix due to LaMotta by his own accord holding back from knocking out his opponent and ceasing to defend himself in order to force a referee stoppage.
LaMotta's was perhaps the worstly executed tank job in history.


Liston did not hold back with his punches and he was defending himself constantly by bobbing and weaving as well as blocking.
Look at round 6 again.
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