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Default Re: Creatine for boxers. Thoughts?

Originally Posted by Jappa View Post
That's true, but when you're on it and hitting pads, sparring and doing a lot of boxing specific training and sweating crazy but with the creatine and the added water weight...? Nah, it's pure protein for me.

But you're right though, I reckon you could get away with that... but doesn't it take a couple of weeks to load up and stuff?
Many people gain little to no water weight. Creatine increases endurance so many would argue its benefical for padwork sparring etc.

Loading is not necessary unless you are in a rush to make gains. Loading basically gets you up to maximal saturation straight away, which will happen quite soon anyway on a 5g a day dose. So loading is only desirable for those who want gains very fast.

Originally Posted by s**** View Post
Problem I have with it, Tests showed at the Time, it was Harmful to the reproduction organs, Liver and Kidneys because of overload. Its produced by the Body anyway naturally.

S****, no studies have shown creatine, when taken in adequate doses, to be damaging to the organs of healthy individuals. It is, however, contrainidicated in those with preexisting kidney disease. I'm sure however that creatine, just like anything else in excess, would be injurious to the body.
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