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Default Re: What do you think about Muhammad Ali's boxing fundamentals?

He was probably more "orthodox" in his boxing than some people have said.
There was a lot of stuff he didn't really bother with - either due to laziness or because he had so much talent and ability he didn't need to.
But he wasn't unique in that way. There have been many many great fighters who 'the experts' say didn't do this or that 'correctly'.

Many fighters with fast feet and reflexes had used the 'lean back' defensive maneuvers before Cassius Clay came along. For a tall fighter (Ali was 6'3 often going up against men 2 or 3 inches shorter) with the reflexes and foot speed, the leaning back would be a natural and sound method. Whether it should be labelled 'unorthodix' or 'incorrect' I don't know.
Many fighters had held their hands low before too.

As far as 'fundamentals' go, Ali favoured the straight left jabs over lead rights (even if he used 'too many' of the latter) and made good use of the old one-two. He mixed in some hooks and uppercuts when he threw combinations.
This is all standard and fundamentally sound.
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