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Default Re: Shadowboxing is the most underrated form of training

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
I used to hate shdowboxing...I'd actually skip that part of training or only use it as a warmup. Then I got an injury where pretty much all I could do was shadowbox. As long as you already have the fundamentals down, you can develop some pretty cool ****.

Also, it tires me the **** out (which is why I used to skip it). If done correctly, you're simulating a fight and throwing really fast, hard punches. And all of them miss. I tire faster in shadowboxing than I do in sparring

It helps immensely to videotape yourself (on the bags, sparrings, shadowboxing). Your coach doesn't have the mental energy to correct everything you do wrong. You do. And no I won't share, because I'm not very good and I would LOVE to have a video of a guy I was fighting. **** that.
You can do partner shadowboxing. That is, just shadowboxing against another shadow boxing opponent, away at each others' arms length. True that shadowboxing is underrated for many reasons. But that exercise I mention here, got me back into doing it.
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