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Default Re: Creatine for boxers. Thoughts?

Originally Posted by withoutwire View Post
Link to the study? No study that is unpublished has any merit as it can't be trusted as to accuracy, sample sizes, methods etc.

Creatine replenishes the body's ATP, providing energy for muscle contractions. It is very effective at doing this, food alone cannot emulate it's properties.

If by "spots" you mean acne, then these are associated with steroids. Creatine is not a steroid. Perhaps creatine has caused acne in isolated cases (nothing has zero side effects, anything could cause acne in a random individual), in which situation this side-effect could be avoided by switching to a different type of creatine.
The tests were done in 89 was tired last night. published I had a Bad experience with it, with a Fighter, and have been very careful ever since.
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