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Default Re: Sonny Liston in the following fantasy h2h matchups

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
I disagree with you. For every source that lists Charles as being mauled or walked there is one that references the Valdes jab:

"Valdes won going away. He took advantage of his superior reach and weight to keep Charles off balance with a pesky left jab."
Lodi News

"Valdes wades in with a flurry of short jabs."
-The Windsor

I fear you are seeing what you want to rather than the real again.
"Sarasota journal August 12th 1953

Charles weighing the heaviest of his career 191lb started out fast but after the third round Valdes took charge and never let up. Valdes weighed 209.
Charles apparently intended to make short work of the Cuban. He jolted Valdes with a right to the chin in the second round but in the third the Cuban walked Charles right across the ring and nailed him as he tried to move away. Late in the fight Charles swung long lefts and rights in a desperate attempt to land a knockout punch but Valdes kept pressing taking and giving in return."
Edmonton journal August 12th 1953

He continued to wade in on the ex heavyweight champion shooting for the body and shifting his attack to the head with short lefts and rights.

Kentucky New Era August 12th 1953

Valdes came from behind to out slug Charles in a fight that was fast all the way. Charles who before the fight was number one rated challenger said Valdes never hurt him. “He was a strong fighter and a good mauler but he never hurt me” said the ex champion."

Cannot find any quotes about ninos jabs.

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