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Default Re: The Fix In The Jungle?

Originally Posted by BillB View Post
We may have a solid link from the Clay fixes all the way to Zaire.

Liston- Resnick- Saddler. If such a link existed, Ali was the perpetual beneficiary of it.

Was Elijah Muhammad or Farrakhan connected to the mob?

The Black Muslims - mainly recruited in prisons - had all sorts of underworld connections. For instance, on a wrestling forum (surprisingly intelligent compared to these boxing forums) an insider in the business told the inside story of Clay-Ali's fight with the Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki, the fight being billed as legitimate wrestler-boxer "shoot". He said that Inoki was so good that Clay wouldn't have lasted a minute, but what happened was the Black Muslims made a deal with the Yakuza before the fight, something about Inoki better be on his back in round one, something like that. Inoki followed the orders, but, staying within the rules of the fight, stayed on his back and kicked at Clay's legs, so the whole thing turned into a travesty, and caused permanent injury to Clay's legs - phlebitis - in the bargain.

There was another wrestler-boxer fight that same night, Andre the Giant (who was not a nice man) vs. New Jersey's Chuck Wepner. Andre seriously tried to seriously injure the much smaller Wepner. he head butted him as hard as he could with his gigantic head and then picked him up and threw him out of the ring, and all this was without the usual pre-scripted wrasslin safety moves.
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