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Default Re: Trinidad vs. Norris at JMW

Originally Posted by MrBumboclart View Post
Norris, after only Hearns and maybe McCallum is the greatest 154 fighter of all time imo

As good as Trinidad was he was a street fighter with gloves. If a guy showed him so skills/movement he couldn't cope. De La Hoya, Hopkins and Jones come to mind.

Now Norris was no Hopkins or Jones Jr but he was a good mover, slick, fast and strong.

The only thing that is iffy about this fight is that they both have questionable jaws and explosive power. Either could get KO'd but my money would be on Terrible Terry.

Don't forget Jackson in those shouts... And for that matter, Tito belongs, too. Norris was exciting and entertaining as well as athletic and skillful, but let's not get him ahead of many others who would stack up on the "greatest" 154 lb'ers ever...

Originally Posted by Goyourownway View Post
So a fighter who struggles with movement is a street fighter? Even if he demonstrated considerable technique in the way he delivers his punches? Guess Louis and Arguello were street fighters too.
I had to quote this because this was my immediate reaction... Holy **** I couldn't believe I read that....

Anyone with athleticism and speed, not to mention power like Norris had should trouble Tito, or at least be a risky task.

My first reaction is to say that Norris gets there first and makes it count. I just think Tito was more durable, recovered better, and would win it if Norris was to box tentatively with Tito.

Tough fight to pick.
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