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Default Re: How Would Marvin Hagler Do @ Light Heavyweight?

Originally Posted by Duodenum
Mutual sparring partners of both Hagler and Saad Muhammad claimed that Marv was a harder puncher than Matt. (I have also read the same allegations about Hagler and Marvin Johnson, but that strains credulity slightly. As Matt was really an arm puncher, I could buy Hagler as a harder hitter than him.)
This was the one. I might be wrong, but i always thought of Saad as a superb puncher, borne out by his very very high ranking in the Ring's Top 100 Punchers. He was near always ranked in the top 3 punchers at 175 with Spinks and EMM. If Saad is a mere arm puncher i'd hate to see a serious one. While not possessing many 1 punch ko's, Saad was still a very very big puncher.
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