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Default Why did Tyson duck Butterbean What was your original goal in boxing?

Butterbean: I wanted to fight TysonÖI would still love to fight him. In K-1, my name was one that was thrown at Tysonís people to fight him in the K-1. Two sluggers, about the same age and conditioning, Iíd probably pay to see it.

Butterbean: I can take a punch, since he got out of jail his chinís not the same. Some have said that he has four good rounds to fight then he gasses, and youíre known for four rounders so youíd be getting the all out version.

Butterbean: Iíll fight him whatever he wants to fight, Tyson, unlike Holmes, is gonna come to fight, heís not gonna try to jab and stay away. Anybody who argues about Holmesí jab is an idiot. Holmes still has probably the best jab in boxing. Homes just used his jab and tried to stay away. Itís probably the worst fight I could have picked but it was a good payday, and a good chance if I do catch him, heís in trouble and they knew that going into the fight.

A post prison Mike Tyson vs Butterbean.

I could see Mike Tyson walking straight into a right overhand.
Would have been exciting.
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