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Default Re: Why did Tyson duck Butterbean

This is one of the major disgraces of the Tyson years, and it reeks of the blatant racisim that existed in the late 80's and early 90's. Much like his hero Dempsey, Tyson also drew the color line. This cowardly act however is never acknowledged by his fan boys.

The major cover-up begins in March of 86....Tyson reluctantly fought Steve Zouski after the public demanded that Tyson stop ducking him and the other avoided white contenders of the now famous white murders row. Tyson managed to eke out a victory by the slimest of margins....By all accounts he was hopitalized after this match and had to take an unprecendented 2 months off before his next match. Tyson would then go another 9 years before fighting another white boxer in Mcneely, and only then when sanctions were thretened.

During Tyson's so-called reign as "Black Champion" he cowardly ducked the great Gerry ****ey....Tyson said that there would never be another white champion, and it was not untill Michael Spinks bravely agreed to fight ****ey in 87. Yes, ****ey lost that fight but not before stealing the last bit of prime from Spinks leaving him easy pickings for Tyson. Tyson came along suddenly willing to fight Spinks only after ****ey had finnished him as a top level talent.

This is one of the biggest disgraces of the Tyson reign as "Black Champion"! he was unwilling to fight ****ey and Butterbean and avoided all of the great white murders row of contenders in the late 80's till Mcneely...Butterbean would have destroyed him...and since Tyson refused to fight him, I believe that Butterbean should rank above him on ATG lists...

This kind of racism remains a blight on our beloved sport, and Tyson should no longer recieve a free pass!
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