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Default Re: Daniel Cormier vs. Frank Mir (THIS ACTUALLY IS HAPPENING!!!)

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Haven't Dana and Barnett made amends since those comments were made? I would love is Barnett made his way over to the UFC. I don't think he would ever be champ or anything, but he is more than a stern test for any heavyweight out there.
I think so, to an extent. Barnett did **** the UFC over at a vulnerable time in company history with his cheating ways though.

And scurla can ***** about Dana being a tyrant all he wants, but it's ridiculous to think that repeatedly ****ing your employer over and then talking **** like Barnett did isn't going to affect your employability. Barnett runs off at the mouth, crassly insults his paymasters on a personal level in public forums, and doesn't take ownership of his (serious) mistakes and wrongdoings. That is going to have negative effects on your career regardless of what field of employment you are in.

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