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Default Muhammad Ali and the controversial fights?

Just how many controversial fights did Ali have?

01. Doug Jones. Jones clearly won. They gave it to the younger fighter with potential (Clay).

02. Sonny Liston 1 & 2. Both rumours of a fix.

03. Henry Cooper. The glove tearing.

04. Ernie Terrell. Thumbing Terrell in the eye which changed the whole flow of the fight.

05. Joe Frazier II. Was allowed to hold all night - referee did nothing.

06. George Foreman. Rumours of a fix.

07. Ron Lyle. Premature stoppage - Lyle was ahead on all cards.

08. Joe Frazier III. Ali wanted to quit, Frazier did not, Frazier was forced to quit, Ali won.

09. Jimmy Young. Total robbery.

10. Ken Norton III. Total robbery.

I count 10 controversial fights in Ali's career.

How do you feel about each one and does it change his legacy at all in your opinion?
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