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Default Re: Nigel Benn vs Julian Jackson

Originally Posted by MrBumboclart View Post
Jackson never fought well under pressure. When McClellan boxed with him Jackson had success however when Gerald started applying pressure, as with McCallum and Graham (for a while at least), he folded. That was Norris' mistake - he tried to outbox and fight Jackson backing up - bad move. You have to crowd a puncher to take away their leverage. (another bad example is Duran vs Hearns)

However Benn would get right in his face from the start. Maybe Jackson tags Benn a few times but an injured Nigel Benn was just as dangerous.

I'd pick Benn in a short war.

Btw check out my Nigel Benn video, see what you think:

Quality vid mate What a fighter he was. The second knockdown in the Mclellan fight, looked all over then BANG straight back at him, amazing.

Pretty much how i see this fight too, Jackson didnt like pressure and thats what Benn was about at MW. By no means a foregone conclusion but i always rated Benn higher.
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