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Default Re: Muhammad Ali and the controversial fights?

Originally Posted by MrBumboclart View Post
Just how many controversial fights did Ali have?

01. Doug Jones. Jones clearly won. They gave it to the younger fighter with potential (Clay).

02. Sonny Liston 1 & 2. Both rumours of a fix.

03. Henry Cooper. The glove tearing.

04. Ernie Terrell. Thumbing Terrell in the eye which changed the whole flow of the fight.

05. Joe Frazier II. Was allowed to hold all night - referee did nothing.

06. George Foreman. Rumours of a fix.

07. Ron Lyle. Premature stoppage - Lyle was ahead on all cards.

08. Joe Frazier III. Ali wanted to quit, Frazier did not, Frazier was forced to quit, Ali won.

09. Jimmy Young. Total robbery.

10. Ken Norton III. Total robbery.

I count 10 controversial fights in Ali's career.

How do you feel about each one and does it change his legacy at all in your opinion?
Ali did not want 2 quit in Frazier #3 . He wanted 2 cheat , like in Cooper #1 . Did he tell Mirena 2 cut his glove or his gloves ?
Anyway he collapsed in2 unconsciousness later after being announced as d winner , so if Frazier had 2 functioning eyes 2 begin with .. it would have been Frazier TKO15 Ali . 2b fair , Ali was 33 at d time . But ppl don't know how drastic d outcome would have been in Cooper #1 and Foreman under legit circumstances , and that he in noway deserved a win in neither d Doug Jones fight nor d Chuvalo #1 fight .

Some of Ali's highest profile opponents were hindered 2 begin with : Joe Frazier by having only 1 functioning I , Henry Cooper & Jerry Quarry by being so prone 2 cuts . Zora Folley and Cleveland Williams by age , Williams literally shot (1 kidney instead of 2 due 2 it) , and both far from great even whilst in their prime years prior 2 facing Ali .
Floyd Patterson had n injury in his back in their 1st fight , was 37 years old in their rematch and was always undersized @ HW except vs Archie Wright .

Wright , Patterson , Cooper , Jones , Ellis , Bonavena , Quarry were all undersized heavies .

Ali used 2 :
1) have physical advantages over most opponents (all except Foreman)
2) cheat and enjoy Mirena's crimes (Cooper #1 , Zaire 1974 and probably loaded gloves)
3) receive gifts from bribed judges (Alonzo Johnson , Jones , Chuvalo , Norton , Young , Shavers)
4) receive tolerance from bribed referees
5) enjoy professional wrestling fixes in his favor , i m convinced Liston #1 & #2 were not d only 1s .

Some legacy .
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