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Default Re: Dale Berry vs Pat Lynch - VIDEO

If i quoted the sht he wrote prior to this bout you would understand. short version is he spruked it up big time, his ego got the better of him, a boxer should know when enough is enough, he was schooled by Mick Canavan and he disgraced Canavans name with what he has done, he had no reason to be in a boxing ring, nothing to prove but again his ego and all the sht he spruked on here got the better of him, and he hadnt just done it on ESB he did the same thing on boxrec and was called out by two CWs who he backed out from fighting, he thought he would get an easy win but it back fired in his face when he couldnt handle the pressure or pace from a young novice irish lad.

You must also remember ive seen him fight as an amateur in Albury, he disgraced the sport and was a laughting stock during the fight and afterwards as he belted his opponent while the bloke was on the ground and got DQL. I feel sorry for him and thats about it but i dont got no respect for a guy who talks sht.
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