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Default Re: Dale Berry vs Pat Lynch - VIDEO

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
its easy, put ur name up and then we get it matched, anything short shows me your not seriouse and just wasting my time, atleast im man enough to back myself up with my name, you cant say the same and will just have someone else turn up for you. We both know if you were legit you wouldnt have been hiding behind alts all these yrs. Put up or shut up, cant make it anymore clear than that, as for the tits comment, ive proven im buff and ready to rumble, you on the other hand are nothing but a ghost who hides behind his keyboard, ive proven my worth on many occasions.
Just say yes and come the 16th of Sep you will find out what his name is. That will give you at a minimum, 6 weeks to know who prepare for and as you have stated and shown in photo's, you are already in shape so that should be more than enough time.
Come on boys, lets get this thing signed and sealed!
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