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Default Re: Sonny Liston in the following fantasy h2h matchups

Originally Posted by Legend X View Post
It probably goes to show that it is not possible to know how much a fighter relied on his jab in any particular fight by reading newspaper reports.

People have different interpretations.
I might figure the use of the jab to big more of a factor than the guy sitting next to me watching the same fight. He might say it was the in-fighting that swung it.
whilst this is often true of many fights the fact is on close examination of the Valdes vs. Charles fight reports Nino IS described as "out slugging" "Mauling" "Wading in" "walking Charles across the ring" "working the body" "pressing" “attacking” far more than Jabbing.

At no point can I find reference to Nino "OUT JABBING Charles all night".
This is because it was not that kind of fight. For "out jabbing" to be a factor "out jabbing" has to get a mention. Not simply a mention of a jab or use of them within a flurry.

Out jabbing is not the same as a reference to a jab in itself. Out jabbing implies an altogether different fight. . Nino was not Larry Holmes, film of clumsy Nino Valdes in other fights prove this.
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