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Default Re: Bob Foster

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
I think Spinks would beat him, and likely stop him late.
Aw, piss on Spinks. Too many on board here IMO overrate him.
You can talk all you want about the 80's crop of LH's but they just don't resonate with me.
>Some of his 'name' wins were against fighters that had already been thru their share of wars.
>and?....Eddie Gregory was clearly the better fighter! Michael beats the drained shriveled pear, Eddie's head demons send him down the river and Mike, as champ, feasts on a less then sterling crop of contenders, beats a lethargic old Holmes, and has nut-huggers calling him perhaps the greatest LH of all time.
My $0.02

But he is a top ten ATG LHeavy.
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