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Default Re: Should Liston's & Holyfield's rankings be affected by their mafia/steroid affaire

Originally Posted by Webbiano View Post

If he did take roids, would it have really been that much different if he hadn't? Maybe the odd loss here and there unless he genuinely was on PED's from the start of his career.

It always blows my mind how some deluded fans can honestly believe that PEDs dont impact performance.

I guess thats why the pros spend so much money on them, and so much effort on not getting caught... because they dont effect performance...

I guess its a coincidence that since major league baseball has half assed begun cracking down on PEDs the game has suddenly and dramatically shifted from a hitters game to a pitchers game.

I guess all of the good batters either retired, got old, or... stopped taking PEDs.

Keep on dreaming if you think PEDs have no effect on the user.
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