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Default Re: Exercises to increase explosive power for punching in boxing? Any examples?

Originally Posted by s**** View Post
Its about Training the Bodys CNS to adapt and perform movement in Balance, which Takes the performing of Exercise. Yes, Coaching, Practice and Technique is important. But you can achieve the Skills, by things that you would not associate, with Boxing as such. Multi joint Exercises, Proprioceptive routines. Power and Skills come from correct Posture, Balance. Heres something with the proper ideas, and a lot of Stretching, makes the Body work as it should.
That's true that the body needs to balanced and working correctly biomechanically but then you also need to increase the stiffness and strength of the muscle-tendon units to improve power. Stretching makes you weaker, your tendons are like a rubber band and stretching just produces more slack resulting in less power when they snap back. You need to stretch sometimes obviously, but no more than you do strengthening exercises. Active range of motion is different than passive range of motion (which is what you're typically doing when you stretch, not helpful for performance) and most muscle tears occur at only 20% greater than resting muscle length.
The best exercise for power is undoubtedly one of the many plyometric exercises you can do, plyometrics increase your rate of force production which is what you want as a boxer more so than max strength. Plyometrics are explosive and you can mimic a punch in boxing using plyometric exercises.
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