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Default Re: Should Liston's & Holyfield's rankings be affected by their mafia/steroid affaire

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post

In boxing you run several miles a day, box several rounds a day, jump rope, shadow box, bag work etc. Its extremely intensive cardio wise. Ask any bodybuilder how hard it is to put on significant weight with just a little cardio much less hours a day of it. Yet somehow a guy who was no longer growing is able to add twenty five pounds of solid, fat free, ripped muscle in less than two years between Qawi and Stewart while working hours each day at cardio. Mama didnt raise no dummies I know when I see something like that its not natural.

It's a bit of a myth that you can't put on muscle while doing a lot of cardio.
If you sleep enough and eat enough and lift heavy weights you will grow.
Doing a lot of cardio won't stop the natural hormonal reactions that produce mass growth. If something's going to give through 'over-training', it will be the ability to do the cardio rather than the ability to grow off of doing heavy weights and eating well.

Bodybuilders don't need or want to do a load of running or whatever, that's how they built the phobia of cardio.

Having said that, I think Evander Holyfield used steroids or similar drugs.
But I also think Lennox Lewis, Ray Mercer, Wladimir Klitschko etc. have done so too.
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