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Default Re: Muhammad Ali and the controversial fights?

Originally Posted by RockysSplitNose View Post
The stoppage against Lyle was a complete joke I'll give you that - plus one of the major ones for me was THE EARNIE SHAVERS FIGHT - I gave that one to Shavers by quite a wide margin and Norton III I have to Norton but not by as wide a margin as the Shavers one - can't remember specifics but think I had Shavers winning like 75% of the rounds - the Young fight I had close but again Young stealing it - both Liston fights stunk to high heaven but there was nothing wrong in the Cooper fight just bad luck for Coops and the Doug Jones thing - close but still had Clay winning by a coupla rounds from what I remember - but yeah he did seem to be involved in a lot of things that were indecisive enough to be questionable

"Stoppage against Lyle was a complete joke" ????

Are you some kind of sadist ?

Lyle was all over the place,and not even able to raise his hands to defend himself let alone hit Ali back.

The Shavers fight displayed how much the 1977 Ali had declined. I still think he s****ed it though. And if he'd stunned Shavers,in the fifteenth,about a minute before he did,he'd have made 'The Acorn' fall.
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