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Default Re: Muhammad Ali and the controversial fights?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
A lot of what you say is too much bull**** for me to comment so i'll keep it short.

The jones fight was close, I gave it ali. He struggled against a top ranked opponent, granted, but considering I scored the fight for him i'm happy with the verdict.

Pretty much every fight from young onwards I scored against ali. The thriller clearly took everything ali had left.

As to how I see this affecting his legacy: I have ranked number 1 in hw history. He holds victories over liston, patterson, frazier, foreman, norton and moore. All of whom make my top 50 and most of whom make my top 25.

Joe frazier aside I don't think anyone would beat a prime ali.

The stuff after the thriller is because he was such an icon, boxing didn't wanna let go.

That being said, imo, the timeline of the premiere hw goes foreman-ali-young-norton-holmes.
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