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Default Re: Muhammad Ali and the controversial fights?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
So you disagree with me?

How many fights after the thriller did you think ali deserved to win? I can't think of any.
it's not that , u gave him credit 4 Wright , Liston , Patterson and Foreman .
He barely deserves credit 4 Frazier #3 , but i can bear giving him some credit 4 that 1 .

All d time here and u still learned nothing . b4 joining here , when i had much less clue than i have now , and even 4 quite a (2 long) while after , i had Ali in my top 10 HWs .

Any1 who has him there , but especially @ d top 4 is either :
1) a populist publicist who has 2 follow d stream 2 extent while not trying 2 b obvious as such (Rumsfeld)
2) a populist wannabe seemingly like independent minded who has 2 follow d stream in order 2b taken seriously (McGrain , TheGreatA)
3) a total idiot lacking of any thought , judgement or opinion , whose only thought , judgement r based on
___ how will d big boys react when they read it ? (lowest available forms of life such as o'riray , teeto , yourself (lufcrazy) , Hands Of Iron , Bill Butcher , Boxing Fan #1 , Vic-Jofre BRASIL)
4) n automated biased , unchangeable , and unteachable other form of low life (Pachilles)

notice that there is also another form of biologically inferior creature d lora type , who simply avoids all discussion regarding Ali , 4 fear of either Xposing his unconventional stance on d subject , or conversely , having a very conventional stance on d subject but being bored of Xpressing it .

6) d biased agenda driven type (family members , DKP employees , lawyer , close friends , closet *******uals with a particular penchant 4d bronze kok , Islamist radicals of d old generation , leftist radicals of d old generation , fighters who fought him and have of very low integrity , every1 with n unchangeable opinion 4 a reason on this 1 particular subject )

such as Bokaj , Stevie G. , Ali_ , Solomon Deeds , mcvey , Azzer85

all of these types r ignorant in particular , and each has his additional bad attributes .
most of them could b included in a super type labeled as ppl of low integrity .

7) ppl who simply don't know enough yet , like i was until knowing enough on d subject 2 finally remove him out of my top 10 .
This type is not necessarily ignorant but tends 2b most of d time simply because most ppl do .

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