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Default Re: Should Liston's & Holyfield's rankings be affected by their mafia/steroid affaire

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post
I disagree completely in regards to boxing. Can you add SOME muscle while boxing. Yes.

But to add as much as 25 pounds of solid lean muscle? Nope.

If you believe that to be true, and can actually do it without steroids then you need your own forum for that because there are a lot of so called experts you would put out of business with your miracle plan.

Id bet cold hard, cash money, that anyone who is a natural bodybuilder, past the age of 25 or so, can implement a boxing regimine, a real boxing regimine not an hour a day, to their normal workout and they would see their weight and size decrease.

Ive seen it way to often to believe anything different.
Agreed 100%. You do a ton of cardio, and your body will burn excess muscle along with fat for the energy it needs. That's what makes it tough for guys to keep on more lean muscle and move up once they're in their natural weight class. No way an older fighter can put on that kind of weight and have it be all muscle without a little "help".
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