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Default Re: Oscar 'Shotgun' Albarado

Following that tough battle with Thomas Durden in August 1969 at The Olympic,

Oscar returned back to San Antonio and won '3 more bouts.

* October 7........W Disq. 5..... LC Morgan
* October 28.......TKO 5......... LC Morgan
* December 9......TKO 7......... Bobby Williams

At the end of 1969 - 21 year-old Oscar 'Shotgun' Albarado was 30-1-0 (23 KO's), and was ranked
as the #8 Welterweight.

He got a chance at another 'important fight' when on January 27, 1970 he took on
the #2 ranked Light-Welterweight, veteran 29 year-old - Adolph Pruitt 32-8-2 (22 KO's) in Honolulu,
which was Adolph Pruitt's new residence.

At a 145 1/2 lb. 'contract weight', Adolph out-boxed and out-foxed the 'hard-punching' Texan
over 10-Rounds, enroute to winning a solid Decision (W Dec 10).

Oscar was able stay 'Even' with Pruitt over 7-Rounds. As ''Shotgun' employed an aggressive
style, while Pruitt used jabs, counter-punching and movement.

But, Oscar who had to 'sweat it out' to get down to 145 1/2 lbs., was drained and had nothing
left after the 7th round.

Scorecard results { 47-44 / 47-44 / 48-45 } Scoring by the 5-Point must system.

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