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Default Re: What do you know about Chuck Wiggins?

Originally Posted by Legend X View Post
Yeah, he sounds like one of those hoodlum characters from the old black and white gangster films.
A drunken 'heavy', a bouncer and former fighter, a bit punch-drunk, a bit plain old drunk, a bit crazy - a cop's nightmare.

'Found dead' in a starwell - i wouldn't be at all surprised if he was bumped off. A guy like that would have enemies - in law enforcement or elsewhere in the underworld.
We will never know for sure.

Tough tough guy. Must have been quite a character.
Yeh the story about the suit made me laugh. How they always joked in bars about his ****ty old suits and one day he strutted in wearing a pink designer boasting about buying it - then not noticing the signs for drying paint leant against the wall and waltzed out of the place covered in paint and too drunk to notice. haha
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