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Default Re: Sparring aftermath: how to recover/ease pain from body punches?

Originally Posted by captain hook View Post
protect your body with elbows and forearms.. slip, bob - weave to protect the head and parry shots with your glove. If you only keep double deck, thats limiting your boxing abilities..

btw, you really think that marijuana will ease pain from body punches?

Ease pain maybe yes because it is relaxing muscles and all that stuff but it wont PROTECT your body. So, if you take many body punishment, maybe its time to make your core/abs workout harder than before.

I'm not slick & black so i fail hard at slipping punches.
I have fast hands and good cordination to parry and block & most of them, until I get tired.. then all I can do is turtle up and move around and throw jabs bit, and that's when the body shots start to land since I try to protect my head first and foremost.

but yeah, i need to work on my abs more, is there something more efective than abdominals?

Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
Use your elbows, angle your stance, and roll inside those body punches. And you are going to urinate blood and hurt
im already doing that , though not in large quantities

Another thing to mention is that i'm at a weight disadvantage, they make me spar big heavies but i'm more of a LHW, problem is there aren't sparring partners my own size and the rest of guys are much lighter

So phaggots tend to walk through my punches and hit me hard.
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