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Default Re: Haye vs The ATG's

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
Poor Floyd never gets any respect....I am not sold on Haye as a great or potential great....but he would give a good fight to most in the 11-25 atg range, but would likely be a dark horse under dog to beat any of them. If he went through the whole line he would certainly win a few, but lose much more frequently.
Amazingly fast boxer, Mr patterson. Just didn't have the power to fight out of the Peek a boo style and trouble the Hard my very humble opinion.

Agree totally with your opinion regards the 11-25 all time great range and Haye's prospects against them...altho it does depend on your own personal list....I've seen some lists positions 11-25 featuring the likes of Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson, Rid**** Bowe, Max Baer etc....all of whom would destroy Haye in career ending fashion....But I give him a shot against the likes of Ken Norton(Early) Max smelling and Gene Tunney(size)

It's a funny question as Haye's power against the smaller men would cause obvious problems...but I see the likes Bonecrusher smith, Mike weaver, Tony Tucker also beating Haye well.
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