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Default Re: Pick a quality you think is underrated or overlooked in an ATG or personal favori

Originally Posted by SJS19 View Post
Froch doesn't fight in straight lines as percived.

Watch his upperbody movement. Laterally he creates angles. The Pascal fight is a prime example of this. Pascal would set his feet as would Froch, the difference being that Pascal would keep his upper half stationairy, where as the Englishman moved his upperbody to open up different paths.

It's subtle, and doesn't appear to have a purpose but I'm certain he does this by design. There's more to Froch than meets the eye.
From what I saw against Bute, he's just an aggresive fighter with some power in his punches. Couldn't really see the angles or the upperbody movement you talk about. I mean, it took him almost 2 rounds to finish Lucian, who hasn't a strong chin at all and is not really used to being hit much.

I could be wrong, but Bute being an intelligent boxer, I can see Lucian knocking out Carl in their rematch.

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