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Default Re: The Prospects of 1996

Originally Posted by TBooze View Post
What about Rahman, Tua and Byrd? I would say all three had more successful careers.
Forgot about Byrd and Rahman. Byrd clinches it then; not only the most successful, but a terrific overachiever considering he was small, had little power and didn't have notably fast feet for a counter-puncher. I think that life's too short for watching Byrd's matches, but I have to respect how much he achieved on the basis of hard-work and skills.

Tua never made it to the top. Briggs was lineal champion, however absurd a decision it was against Foreman, and he won the WBO title. Tua, on the other hand, was one of the best boxers to both (a) never win the title and (b) get an opportunity and waste it totally by being a lazy fat piece of **** who cowered through almost 12 rounds instead of fighting for the greatest prize in sports by risking his chin against Lewis's power.

Was Tua BETTER than Briggs? Absolutely. Did Briggs go further in his career? No question.
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