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The sense of patriotism of brazilians makes trash talk before the fight between two brazilians a bit different than the normal......generally becomes a greater rivalry.
Is like "wow, you´re brazilian too, we are supposed to be allies" you know....looks a bit silly perhaps, but it is like that...
Is more understandable when a non-brazilian fighter acts with trash talk against a brazilian.....

Maia said some light trash before the fight, something like "Yeah, a spider has 8 legs I´ll just pull out them".....
AS thought things like this were a bit disrespectful especially because he trained with Demian before and everything... he expected a more respectful conduct by Maia .....

After the fight Silva said that he tried to frustrate Demian´s game with those provocations but he also said that if Demian said he would submit him he deserved it, he was a bit mad at the time too then....

And this sense of patriotism by the brazilians also made AS hated after this, because people wondered "Why he did that to a good kid like Damian and not with Sonnen (first fight) who acted much more disrespectfully ?"

But he never gave a detailed explanation about the thing, simply said he was mad with Maia and also tried to frustrate him....Wouldn´t surprise me if they had some kind of beef we don´t know.....since AS devide opinions between his former training mates...especially now, like Pelé showed in that thread I posted here before...

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